Repair Services


Drop your bike off any time during business hours, no appointment necessary. Bike inspection and quotes are done on the spot and free of charge. Some repairs can be made on the spot at the technician’s discretion, most general repairs are done the same day and Tune-Ups are typically completed within 2 business days. Consider our Tune-Up packages to combine multiple services for maximum value.

Flat Tire Repair:

  • Tube installation off bike (bring just a wheel) $10.00 
  • Tube installation on bike (front or rear wheel) $15.00
  • Standard replacement tubes cost $10.00 each

  • Most flat tire repairs are done on the spot while you wait
  • Average flat tire repair turn around time is < 10 minutes

*Note*  Some bikes require more time and labor to access the tubes. Prices may vary at the discretion of the technician.

Gear Adjustment:

  • Front Derailleur Adjustment: $10
  • Rear Derailleur Adjustment: $10
  • Hanger Alignment: $15

Brake Adjustment:

  • Front Cable Brake Adjustment: $10
  • Rear Cable Brake Adjustment: $10

  • Hydraulic Brake Oil Bleed: $30

Parts Installation:

  • Chain Install: $10 / Fix and reinstall old chain $15
  • Grips Install: $10
  • Pedal Install: $10
  • Crank Install $25

 *Note*  Some parts require more time and labor to access. Prices may vary at the discretion of the technician.

Suspension Fork Overhaul:

  •  Fork Overhaul: $60 with Oil + Parts (Dust seal kit, etc.) 

Tubeless Tire Setup:

  • Full Tubeless Setup: $25 + Parts 
  • Tubeless Sealant Top Up: $20
  • Rim tape: $5 each
  • Valve Stems: $25 each
  • Sealant: $5 per 2oz (Typically $10 - $20 depending on tire volume)

Box a Bike:

  • Bike Boxed for Shipping: $30 - $50 depending on packaging level and disassembly of parts/ accessories.

Bicycle Assembly:


  • Bicycle assembly from a box: $85